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When you must have downhole pressure and temperature data regardless of the well conditions. Failure is not an option.

Electronic gauges are currently limited to about 500°F (260°C). Our gauges are comfortably operating over 600°F (315°C), without the use of insulation or a thermos, for many days.

Automatic calibration designed to calculate every parameter needed in the mathematical model.

Survey results are available within minutes of being retrieved from the well.

Gauges and operators can be delivered to the well site using public transportation.

Customers can purchase the complete system and run their own gauges.

Accurate High Pressure and Temperature surveys
For a complete discussion of the technology used by Computatest, request the report—Accurate High Pressure and Temperature bottom-hole surveys using mechanical gauges.

For those customers preferring to run their own gauges technical training is available at our site or yours.

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Technical support is available 24x7x365 via Skype, phone, or email.
Computatest Projects

Computatest Projects

The High Pressure Mechanical Gauge has been used in the Oil and Gas Industry for decades but it is only through the use of our software and maintenance techniques that it can be as accurate as electronic gauges.